Dr. Barbora Buchtová


Dr. Buchtová was the coordinator and implementation specialist of CITI – Masaryk University Financial Capability Program 2013 – 2015. Her involvement in financial literacy declares her work consisting of the preparation of the content of the university course ‘Financial literacy’, teaching university students in financial literacy, disseminating activities among disadvantaged citizens, teaching financial literacy in asylum houses, children’s houses, and prison. 

Dr. Buchtová also participated in international conferences regarding financial literacy issues, such as the OECD Global Policy Research Symposium to Advance Financial Literacy in Paris or the Challenges and Perspectives of Youth Financial Literacy in Moscow. Furthermore, she has been working as a researcher at the Financial Education and Research Centre at Massey University in New Zealand. Barbora has been certified in Professional Competence in the Financial Market. 

Her teaching and research interests comprehend Personal Finance, Basic Finance, Financial Markets and Investment. Dr. Buchtová also worked as a project manager of a large European project and overseen the organizational aspect of the project work-flow, coordinated project activities and people working on the project. Dr. Buchtová has also worked at the university in the U.S., in Texas, where she has been an instructor teaching students about Personal Finance, Financial Counseling & Consumer Credit, and increasing financial literacy of the university students. 

Her wide expertise includes various skills she has earned as a project manager, coordinator of EU project, university lecturer, by teaching financial literacy, working with vulnerable groups, including socially disadvantaged citizens, and consulting the financial literacy matters not only on national but also international level.