Assoc.Prof. Martin Svoboda


Doc. Ing. Martin Svoboda, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University, the director of the Institute for Financial Market. The institute has an ambition to systematically participate in the financial education of the general public, including high school and university students. He was a manager of Citi Foundation’s Financial Capability Program (2012-2015), developing a long-term and sustainable concept of financial education for adults. He was a member of the Czech Commission for Financial Education for the OECD and is participating in the National financial literacy commission. He is also the editor in chief of scientific journal Financial Assets and Investing and a member of the Academic councils. His teaching and research activities have been focusing on Financial Markets, Financial Investments, Regulation of the Financial System, Structured Financial Products, Financial Literacy, Security Analysis, Asset pricing and Behavioral Finance. Thanks to his 30-year experience, Martin Svoboda is familiar with financial literacy and financial markets basically from every perspective.